The Start Of Neversweat Stables

horses at the colorado rockiesFrankie and Louisa Forte always loved horses. Frankie is a professional jockey and Louisa is a veterinary technician specializing in equine medicine. They met when Louisa was working with Frankie’s horse for routine care.

That was in 1992. It’s the classic boy meets girl story. Boy marries girl. Boy and girl start the best horse stable and breeding program in Colorado and call it Neversweat Thoroughbreds. You know the story!

Neversweat was founded in 2004 after Frankie retired as a jockey and they sold their Denver home. They used the funds to purchase their first three Thoroughbreds and the land needed to start Neversweat Stables. Almost 15 years later and a handful of first places finishes for the Neversweat team, the stables now boost enough space for 15 horses, offers equine sales and leasing options and have a trainer and part-time veterinarian on staff.


Where Does The Name Come From?

The name comes from a sort of catch phrase from Frankie. Always a bit of showboat, after winning a competitive race or really completing any difficult task he would say, “Never even broke a sweat!”

So we say to you, we offer the best horses in the state of Colorado. Healthy, happy and fast. Every horse has a competitive bloodline and has been monitored by a veterinarian since birth. We offer all of this without even breaking a sweat.

Welcome to Neversweat Thoroughbred Stables!